Sifton Beach

Sifton Beach is located NE of Dauphin by taking Highway 20 North and turning right onto Road 162N. Sifton Beach has modern washrooms, an area to launch your boat from the road, a day use picnic area, a couple of transient lots and 14 Seasonal Lots.
The camping season runs from May Long Weekend - End of September

Sifton Beach Lot Draw Information
  • Sifton Beach Lot Draw will be held on Tuesday March 10th, 2020 at 7:00 pm at the Municipal Office Council Chambers.
    Deadline to submit applications and the required lot fee for 2020 is Thursday February 27th, 2020 no later than 2:00 pm local time.
  • Applicants must be present at the lot draw or send a representative to make the selection on their behalf.  Representative must have written authorization from the applicant with them on the night of the draw.
  • Forms of payment accepted with applications will be Cash or Cheque only and no exceptions will be made for non-payment prior to the due date.  Fees will be refunded on the night of the draw if you are unsuccessful.
  • Application form and Lot Draw Conditions / Rules and Regulations are also available at the Municipal Office for pickup.
2020 Sifton Beach Camping Fees
$400.00 per seasonal lot, if any lots are left over after the lot draw they will be available on a first come first serve basis at this rate until June 25
$150.00 for monthly camping
$15.00 per night camping

** Fees are payable to the RM of Dauphin and will be collected by the Camp Host immediately.
Picture of picnic area at Sifton Beach
Picture of shoreline at Sifton Beach