Fees & Charges

The Council of the RM of Dauphin deems it advisable to include in one by-law the fees and charges payable to the Rural Municipality of Dauphin for certain services rendered by the Municipality. Click here to download By-Law 3023

 Tax Certificate $35.00 per roll
 Tax Sale Admin Fee $50.00 per roll
 Surcharge on Overdue Accounts $25.00
 Tax Statement Reprint (Excludes First Time Purchasers) $5.00 per roll
 Tax Receipt Reprint $5.00
 Tax Account Printout $10.00 per roll
 Dishonored Items/Returned NSF Cheques $35.00 per cheque
 Sale of Landownership Maps (Black & White) $30.00
 Raffle Licences
 $20.00 per licence
 Aggregate License $50.00 per truck
 Haul Road Agreement $250.00 per agreement
 Wood Cutting Permit (Max 5 Cords per Permit) $10.00 per cord
 Development Permit $60.00 payable to MLA
 Development Permit (issued after commencement) $120.00 (1/2 payable to MLA & 1/2 payable to RM)
 Zoning Memorandum $25.00 payable to MLA
 Conditional Use Application (Residential/Agricultural) $100.00
 Conditional Use Application (Commercial) $250.00
 Variation Order $100.00