Dust Control Policy

Policy 2.9 
This policy is intended to advise individuals applying dust control, that the Municipality does not coordinate a dust control program.
If individuals choose to apply a dust suppression product on the roadway fronting their residence/business, they may do so at their own cost and with environmentally acceptable products.  (Ex. Calcium Chloride/Magnesium Chloride) 
If individuals/group wish to coordinate residents in a specific area in the RM of Dauphin, this policy is intended to advise of specific deadlines for coordination.
Individuals or independent coordinators of dust control must adhere to and be advised of the following deadlines:
April 30 – Deadline date to advise the RM of Dauphin of intention to apply dust control for the current year.  (No submissions will be accepted after this deadline.  Therefore late sites will not have proper site preparation and will be bladed accordingly and/or gravel applied over dust control product for the season. No exceptions)
June 30 – The Municipality will ensure that the sites submitted by the April 30th deadline will be prepped accordingly. (although weather conditions can become a factor)
August 1 – The Municipality will resume regular maintenance of the roadway and blading of sites will occur in order to prepare for fall.
The Municipality will continue to perform regular road maintenance regardless of whether a dust suppression product is applied to the roadway if safety/condition of roadway becomes a concern.  This will be at the discretion of the Public Works Foreman.
The Municipality will not provide compensation for blading over dust suppression sites in any situation.
If the Municipality observes excessive amounts of dust suppression product being applied, in which it is causing damage to the roadway or liability concerns, the municipality may prohibit future dust suppression applications to the individual/ratepayer and charge all costs relating to the repair of the roadway to the individual/ratepayer as per the current fees and charges by-law.
Policy 2.9(b) 
This policy is intended to assist in coordinating dust control to be applied at the location of Group Rural Route Mailboxes, or RM Gravel Haul Routes.  All costs being borne by the Municipality.
RM Gravel Haul Routes
Dust Control will be applied at yard sites on designated municipal gravel program routes that will receive more than 3,500 yards hauled by municipal equipment and its contractors.