Beaches & Parks

Keld Park, Sifton Beach & Stoney Point Beach are currently closed for the season. 

Seasonal campsite applications are now being accepted for Sifton Beach and Stoney Point Beach. Please click here for the application. Applications are due by 2:00 PM local time on Thursday, February 25, 2021. 

 Please note:

  • The facilities at each location will not be regularly sanitized, please use at your own risk.
  • Please bring your own toilet paper, soap, hand sanitizer and other personal hygiene products. Wear water shoes if using shower facilities.
  • Practice Leave No Trace.  Pack out everything you packed in including trash and waste and keep pets on a short leash.
  • Practice social physical distancing at all campgrounds, washrooms, beaches, and green spaces.
  • Picnic tables will not be provided until it is safe to do so under guidance from the Province of Manitoba.

For more information on each campground please click below:
Keld Park
Sifton Beach
Stoney Point Beach